The Truth About HIV

The Truth About HIV

Series 3



Since the pandemic began, 70 million people have been infected and half that number have died from Aids-related illnesses. Modern medication means that an HIV-positive diagnosis no longer equates to a death sentence but, says Dr Chris van Tulleken, whose day job is in an HIV lab, there are still 6,000 new infections in the UK each year, and an estimated 18,000 have no idea they carry the virus.

With impassioned words from Elton John, and Prince Harry, who took his first HIV test live on the internet last year, Dr Chris hopes to raise awareness in the UK. In this salutary doc, he meets newly diagnosed Michael, two women whose lives were overturned by HIV, and discovers why South African men shun clinics where meds are freely available. Dr Chris braves a home test himself.


Since the beginning of the HIV virus epidemic, more than 70 million people have been infected and about 35 million have died of HIV-related illnesses. Chris van Tulleken reveals how the latest treatments mean that a diagnosis need not be a death sentence. He also looks at the importance of testing and considers whether HIV could ever be eradicated for ever, while Elton John discusses the initial stigma against gay men, a result of the misinformation and fear when HIV and Aids first entered mainstream consciousness 30 years ago.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris van Tulleken
Contributor Elton John
Director Dan Child
Executive Producer Sam Anthony
Producer Susannah Wilkinson