Series 1 - Episode 1



Paula is a comprehensive-school chemistry teacher who’s trying to forget a stale affair with a married PE master she now desperately rebuffs.

He’s persistent, though, leaving inappropriate notes for her at work and grabbing hold of her on the stairs under the gimlet gaze of the disapproving head.

Conor McPherson’s dark thriller takes a torrid turn when Paula (the admirable Denise Gough) unwisely calls in an odd-jobman, James, (Victoria’s Tom Hughes, trailing a very strong whiff of sulphur) to deal with a rat problem. Though he ends up doing a lot more than ridding Paula of vermin.

It’s a weird one; James has a strange domestic set-up that has yet to be explained while Paula herself, though initially sketched as a woman in control of her life, gets lost in a maelstrom of awful men. But the two leads, who are superb, keep the attention.


Science teacher Paula hires odd-job man James to get rid of the rats in her basement, only to fall into bed with him. But not everything is as it seems with James. He is desperate for money, and when he finds out she has been having an affair, he resorts to blackmail - the start of a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in which only one can survive. Revenge thriller, starring Denise Gough and Tom Hughes.

Cast & Crew

Paula Denise Gough
James Tom Hughes
McArthur Owen McDonnell
Terry Sean McGinley
Gemma Jane Brennan
Morgan Siobhan Cullen
Crystal Aiobhinn McGinnity
Philip Edward MacLiam
Laurence Emily Taafe
Mr Henshaw Gary Liburn
Hogan David Herlihy
Brady David Pearse
Diane Aislin McGuckin
Mrs Morecroft Rachel Dowling
Callum Jonny Holden
Mary Amelie Metcalfe
Sarah Aiobhe Bruce
David Dylan Breen
Skye Skye McClenaghan
Madeline Olivia Feron
Director Alex Holmes
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Conor McPherson
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