The Beginning

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Beginning



This 2010 import is one of those Euro-dramas that launches on C4 before the rest of the series moves to Walter Presents to be streamed at will. It’s broadly a Dutch take on The Sopranos, with a twist.

Here, mother-of-three Carmen is the kingpin of a drugs network, balancing being a criminal mastermind with family life. But not initially: as the drama opens, it’s her husband who is the small-time dealer, and gets in over his head when Carmen’s brother steals the wrong Mr Big’s cocaine shipment.

It’s an engaging enough premise, and you have to love the way that, according to the subtitles, Dutch drug dealers call each other names like “You little squirt!”


New series. Carmen, the daughter of a notorious Amsterdam drug lord, reluctantly takes charge of the family's smuggling business in order to clear her husband's debts. Crime thriller, starring Monic Hendrickx. In Dutch.

Cast & Crew

Carmen van Walraven Monic Hendrickx
Frans van Walraven Thomas Acda
Irwan de Rue Fedja van Huet
Steven Breusink Marcel Hensema
Andre de Rue Tom Jansen
Fiep Homoet Olga Zuiderhoek
Johan Kruimel Johnny de Mol
Marleen de Rue Maartje Remmers
Nicolaas Luther Raymond Thiry
Sandrina Breusin Medina Schuurman
Hanneke Bannink Peggy Jane de Schepper
Lucien van Walraven Niels Gomperts
Natalie van Walraven Sigrid ten Napel
Boris van Walraven Stijn Taverne
Christian Schiller Filip Peeters
Berry Reitens Loek Peters
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