Chapter Two

Series 1 - Episode 2 Chapter Two



As the biopic continues, we’re sticking in the 1890s. The precocious young Albert (Johnny Flynn, who looks and dresses like Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp, especially once he affects a silly moustache) irritates his professors at Zurich Polytechnic and neglects his beautiful girlfriend Marie. Instead he is captivated by an aloof fellow student, Mileva Maric, who’s as uncompromisingly intelligent but has several handicaps – a bad leg, and, oh, just being a woman.

Inevitably she succumbs to his persistent attentions: after all, who could refuse his “Be my partner, in life, in love, in endless scientific pursuit” plea. It’s all thoroughly entertaining, as long as you ignore the rather peculiar accents everyone adopts…


Albert Einstein falls in love with a fellow student who he has clashed with in class, but their relationship causes controversy. Starring Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn.

Cast & Crew

Albert Einstein Geoffrey Rush
Young Albert Einstein Johnny Flynn
Mileva Maric Samantha Colley