The World According to Kids

Right & Wrong

Series 1 - Episode 3 Right & Wrong



“It’s hard to do the right thing but it’s easy to do the wrong thing,” says one youngster with a world-weary air. Many of the six- to 11-year-olds struggle with this moral dilemma.

Given the chance to peek at the answers to a test, eight-year-old Holly agonises for absolutely ages, even though the rest of her group have walked away from it. But peer pressure is a powerful thing. The members of a junior boxing club in Hackney are divided over what they’d do if they found £1m. “I’m stuck,” says a confused Jumi, ten, as his friends try to persuade him to keep the money.


A further insight into how children see the world as youngsters from a boxing club in London, a pony club in Berkshire and a choir in Liverpool reveal how they tell right from wrong. They include 10-year-old Ma-Leiha, who is struggling at school after fighting with boys, and nine-year-old Jumi, who is so easily influenced his family worry it could land him in trouble.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Fay Ripley
Executive Producer Samantha Anstiss
Executive Producer Rachel Arnold
Series Director Pamela Gordon
Series Producer Tom Williams