Series 2 - Episode 9 Ectogenesis



Amy proceeds with her scheme to attain eternal life, but impatience and paranoia stall her plans, and Kyle is seized and forced to consume mycotic honey.

Cast & Crew

Dr Alan Farragut Billy Campbell
Dr Julia Walker Kyra Zagorsky
Kyle Sommer Matt Long
Maj Sergio Balleseros Mark Ghanime
Dr Peter Farragut Neil Napier
Dr Sarah Jordan Jordan Hayes
Landry Sean Tucker
Sister Amy Alison Louder
Sister Anne Severn Thompson
Sister Olivia Sarah Booth
Soren Cameron Brodeur
Dr Doreen Boyle Catherine Lemieux
Lt Humphries Julian Bailey
Director Jeremiah Chechik
Executive Producer Lynda Obst
Executive Producer Steven Maeda
Executive Producer Ronald D Moore
Executive Producer Brad Turner
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