Series 1 - Episode 2



Having sprung Dhari from prison (and shot someone in the process), lovers Jas and Marcus are hiding out from the police. But it’s difficult to maintain your political idealism when you need money to fund your cause (and to buy food occasionally), so Marcus reluctantly gets caught up in violence that has nothing to do with their beliefs.

As a counterpoint to their extremism, Kent (Idris Elba) speaks out against committing random acts of violence in the name of equality. However, in another part of 1970s London, Jas is doing exactly that.


Lying low while DCI Pence terrorises the black community in a vicious manhunt, Marcus and the group are forced to procure funds by questionable means.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Babou Ceesay
Jas Mitra Freida Pinto
Kent Idris Elba
Pence Rory Kinnear