Series 1 - Episode 2



The barrier between free-spirited 70-year-old Mim and her estranged daughter Fran seems immovable. Revisiting her Cambridge alma mater as part of her bucket list, Mim proudly declares, “My generation broke the rules.” To which Fran replies, “And left my generation the bill.” So as one wanders down memory lane, the other wonders if she can turn her life around.

The inspired pairing of Miriam Margolyes and Frog Stone is creating a winning mash of bawdy quips and musings on mortality – with intelligent use of great pop hits. And once again the cringes of parent/child recognition give way to a glowing finale. As Mim persuasively puts it, “Always ask: what’s next?”


Mim decides to fund the bucket list by selling a few old items, one of which is buried at her old college - where Fran is excited at the thought of meeting a famous historian.

Cast & Crew

Fran Frog Stone
Mim Miriam Margolyes
Boris Waleed Akhtar
Mary Tash Maggie Steed
Waiter Iain McKee
Director Rebecca Rycroft
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Producer Katie Mavroleon
Writer Frog Stone
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