Woman in the Shadows

Series 3 - Episode 2 Woman in the Shadows



Spin continues to prove itself one of the most superbly tense, thrilling dramas on television. The dust shows no sign of settling after last week’s assassination of far-right presidential candidate Morlaix.

France’s political climate is in chaos – and President Marjorie (Nicolas Marié) is struggling to steer the country with any semblance of confidence after the resignation of Prime Minister Maxime Beaugendre.

The well-intentioned but imprudent attempt of Marjorie’s wife Elisabeth (Carole Bouquet) to smuggle a young French woman from an Arab state spectacularly, humiliatingly backfires. And has her husband considering divorce – a further PR nightmare.


Betrayed by his friend, prime minister Maxime Beaugendre, Alain Marjorie is forced to form a new government. Journalist Apolline Vremler - Simon Kapita's ex-wife - leaves Paris for Lebanon, where she is investigating a corruption case to which Clemence Parodi, the writer of a draft law decisive for the government, is closely linked. However, another more intimate scandal threatens the presidency. Nicolas Marie stars. In French.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Marjorie Carole Bouquet
Simon Kapita Bruno Wolkowitch
Alain Marjorie Nicolas Marie
Ludovic Desmeuze Gregory Fitoussi
Clemence Parodi Rachida Brakni
Maxime Beaugendre Laurent Lucas
Robert Palissy Yves Pignot
Apolline Vremler Emmanuelle Bach
Philippe Deleuvre Philippe Magnan
Anne-Marie Carrere Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Karen Jina Djemba
Maitre Kelner Christophe Brault
Marianne Joly Sarah Grappin
Bataille Marc Pierret
Tony Morillon Serge Biavan
Jacques Brenner Alain Bouzigues
Judge Nadege Magnier Francoise Gillard
Sonia Elisbeth Commelin
Caroline Vitoz Claude Perron
Martin Palissy Guillaume Marquet
Toufik Amir El Kacem
Aline Joly Marie Pascale Grenier
Captain Barraud Marc Raffray
Joel Joly Mario Macquand
Meredith Nancy Tate
Samir Zafra Hammou Graia
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