The Trip to Spain: El Refectorium

The Trip to Spain: El Refectorium

Series 3



There’s a strange, surprising windmills-of-your-mind coda to this poignant final episode, as Rob Brydon adjusts to family life back in London and Steve Coogan is left alone in Andalusia to write. Prior to that, we get more of TV’s finest impressions show (wrapped in an art-house travelogue).

Highlights include Rob and Steve’s competing Ian McKellen impressions (one slightly camper than the other) then a flight of fancy about Anthony Hopkins as Captain Bligh…as Picasso. Roll on The Trip to wherever’s next.


In the last leg of their Spanish tour, the duo leave Granada and reach Malaga, where Steve receives some more unfortunate news.

Cast & Crew

Steve Steve Coogan
Rob Rob Brydon
Yolanda Marta Barrio
Emma Claire Keelan