Orange Is the New Black

I Wasn't Ready

Series 1 - Episode 1 I Wasn't Ready



By now, you’ve probably heard of Orange Is the New Black, the smash hit comedy-drama about the inmates at a women’s prison. But unless you have Netflix – where it’s the streaming service’s most-watched original series - you won’t have been able to watch it, until now. Based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, the show opens as attractive, middle class Piper is sent to prison for drug-smuggling offences. Sounds predictable – a brutal reality check ensues – but the series has been rightly heralded for its shining female cast and its revolutionary treatment.

It’s an unflinching and refreshing presentation of prisoners, racial issues, transgender people, sexuality, and for casting actors at all points on the spectrum of body types. Compelling and intelligently scripted, it’s never too late to see a must-see.


American comedy drama telling the story of Piper Kerman, an unlikely convict sent to a women's federal prison for a money-trafficking offense years earlier.