Clearing the Air

Series 1 - Episode 3 Clearing the Air



The Palace is buzzing with succession speculation. Sick of being woken by bagpipes every day and keen to see more of his “commoner” girlfriend Serena (serene Kara Tointon), King Henry (Charles Edwards) is determined to go through with abdication. But first he has an important question to ask his gay son Alastair (Daniel Quirke).

Conveyed by car-boot (“necessary subterfuge”) to another park-bench meeting, the newly optimistic Henry is suddenly deflated when the lovely Serena points out a few home truths. Meanwhile, Annette Crosbie has some fun as the Queen Mother enjoying a spliff with her grandson.

Speaking of continuing the line, the series ends with a very cute set-up in the hope of a re-commission. Long live Henry IX.


Alastair agrees to take on the throne, to the outrage of his younger brother, while Henry employs increasingly elaborate deceptions to see Serena in private. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

King Henry IX Charles Edwards
Serena Kara Tointon
Alastair Daniel Quirke
Edwin Robert Portal