Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Series 1 - Episode 3



You know those Apprentice candidates who oh-so-confidently tell us that a particular task will be a breeze because “this is what I do?” Bear in mind what usually happens to them as you watch this episode of the life-change documentary.

The little group of restless Brits wants to open a restaurant in its Tuscan hideaway and a test run for local friends and neighbours works well, with nice Gill in charge of the cooking. Then one of the men offers to sort out the first paid-for meal – he’s been a chef and run restaurants all his life…

There’s far too much inspirational poster-levels of self-awareness. But, oh, the countryside is beautiful. And those sunsets!


After the success of their B&B venture, the group decide to open a restaurant called La Banditaccia on the farm. To get some inspiration for their menu, some of the group head to the city of Florence, and take in the delights of the local markets. On their return, they invite some locals for dinner at the farm, and offer them their unique take on Italian cuisine. However, the group are soon impelled to turn their attention to the upcoming olive harvest when a swarm of flies heading towards the region puts the olives under threat.

Cast & Crew

Director Owen Scurfield
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Ana De Moraes
Series Editor Claire Walls
Series Producer Naomi Templeton
Series Producer John Featherstone
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