Series 3 - Episode 5 Betrayals



Heads roll in government as much as in the opposition following the revelations resulting from Apolline's investigation. Anne-Marie Carrere makes sure that she is in a position to achieve her ambitions by annihilating her principal rival. Meanwhile, the country faces a new threat. Emmanuelle Bach and Sophie-Charlotte Husson star. In French.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Marjorie Carole Bouquet
Simon Kapita Bruno Wolkowitch
Alain Marjorie Nicolas Marie
Ludovic Desmeuze Gregory Fitoussi
Clemence Parodi Rachida Brakni
Maxime Beaugendre Laurent Lucas
Robert Palissy Yves Pignot
Apolline Vremler Emmanuelle Bach
Philippe Deleuvre Philippe Magnan
Anne-Marie Carrere Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Juliette Kapita Marianne Fabbro
Annie Vaneck Anne Loiret
Helene Sacco Anne Benoit
Bataille Marc Pierret
Alcha Camille de Leu
Lionel Said Nicolas Bridet
Gerard Voisin Francois Podetti
Louise Deleuvre Christiane Cohendy
Sonia Elisbeth Commelin
Catherine Voisin Edith Le Merdy
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