Born to Kill

Series 1 - Episode 4



“There are traits that concern me” observes the psychiatrist of teen killer Sam (Jack Rowan) at the start of this final episode. You’re telling me. But with the funeral of his second victim Cathy (his mum’s best friend) due and his murderer dad Peter (Richard Coyle) just out of prison, a full-blown reckoning feels unavoidable. More unexpected is the way a drama that has hitherto been as studiously slow-paced as it has been tense and dark suddenly throws up a flurry of action and excitement in a brilliantly constructed last hour.

The wintry, sodium-lit urban sprawl provides magnificent atmosphere but the real sparkle comes from Kate Ashfield and Tracey Malone’s writing and a fabulous ensemble. Rowan is particularly good, as is Romola Garai as Sam’s poor mum Jenny, a woman who needs all the professional help she can get.


With Sam's father released from prison, Jenny makes a desperate effort to get to the bottom of her son's increasingly dangerous behaviour. But she fears she may be too late. Conclusion of the gripping psychological thriller about a seemingly normal teenager whose dark desires start to emerge after he discovers the truth about the father he believed was dead, starring Romola Garai, Jack Rowan, Richard Coyle, Daniel Mays and Lara Peake. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Peter Richard Coyle
Sam Jack Rowan
Helen Lolita Chakrabarti
Jenny Romola Garai
Chrissy Lara Peake
Bill Daniel Mays
Margaret Elizabeth Counsell
Brian John Weldon
James Harry Capehorn
Young Sam Gwion Cornish
Police officer Rhys Bidder
Paramedic Anwen Carlisle
Director Bruce Goodison
Executive Producer Jake Lushinton
Executive Producer Tracey Malone
Executive Producer Kate Ashfield
Producer Lucy Robinson
Writer Kate Gartside
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