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Series 1 - Episode 1 Lawsuit



A befuddled love-sick beta male (Jim Howick’s Josh), flash boy Leon (Samuel Anderson), a guilt-ridden posho (Jonny Sweet) and Nick Helm’s ex-junkie Watto have just made a cool £246 million from a video game starring a cat. And apart from sending barbershop quartets to insult their enemies, these unusual entrepreneurs are not quite sure what to do next.

Starting with such a success story may not feel very British (don’t we like people struggle to become millionaires, Del-Boy style?). But the affable slackers will feel nicely familiar to UK audiences (or at least anyone who has ever seen a Simon Pegg film). And while this series (based on an Israeli original) doesn’t – yet – feel quite as quick-witted or subtle as a show like Silicon Valley, it definitely has start-up potential. The ensemble work well together and some of the set pieces carry genuine imaginative spark.


Following the sale of their company Idyl Hands and its hit mobile phone game Cat Factory, friends and business partners Josh, Leon, Watto and Ewan wake up to the realisation that they are now multimillionaires - but the company is almost immediately hit by a lawsuit. Comedy drama, starring Nick Helm, Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson and Jonny Sweet.

Cast & Crew

Josh Jim Howick
Leon Samuel Anderson
Ewan Jonny Sweet
Watto Nick Helm
Abi Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Naomi Lolly Adefope
Casey Mary McCormack
Linda Morwenna Banks
Jeff Simon Day
Paula Scarlett Alice Johnson
Ross Muttock Tony Way
Lawyer David Westhead
Opposing lawyer Nadine Marshall
Banker's Son Reece Pockney
Barbershop Quartet The Buzztones
Director Ian Fitzgibbon
Executive Producer Howard Burch
Executive Producer Avi Nir
Executive Producer Muli Segev
Executive Producer Assaf Harel
Executive Producer Jon Brown
Executive Producer Polly Leys
Executive Producer Kate Norrish
Producer Charlie Leech
Writer Jon Brown
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Drama Comedy