Intellectual Property

Series 4 - Episode 3 Intellectual Property



The machinations and mania of dotcom entrepreneurs are really laid bare in this episode. Richard has become so obsessed with “the Internet 2.0” that he can’t remember when he last slept and is gabbling a mile-a-minute. His doctor tells him, “They say after Alan Turing got chemically castrated he was a lot less annoying.”

But Richard’s mania is pivotal to a plot shadowed by the looming spectre of the megolamaniac Gavin Belson and ends with a lovely bit of physical comedy from Thomas Middleditch. Fans of awkward pitches on The Apprentice can also savour stoner investor Erlich’s squirming as his protégé Jian-Yang tries to sell his octopus recipe app.


An overtired Richard pushes himself to extreme levels working on his new idea, and perpetually unlucky-in-love Dinesh gets a hot date.