Chapter Three

Series 1 - Episode 3 Chapter Three



Being a genius physicist is one thing, but if you antagonise your superiors, it won’t help your employment prospects. So young graduate Albert Einstein discovers, as he fails to find a decent job in 1901 Zurich. But although charming, Albert is appallingly self-obsessed, while his lover Mileva Maric is in Serbia, neglected and bearing his child. Both are being exhorted to forget each other. But when did either do what was expected of them? Especially when tragedy beckons.

And we learn more about thwarted anti-Semite Philipp Lenard (the older Einstein’s future nemesis). He’s played by Michael McElhatton, who was Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones. He’s not quite as malevolent here, yet…


Einstein struggles to support his pregnant wife and land an academic post.

Cast & Crew

Albert Einstein Geoffrey Rush
Young Albert Einstein Johnny Flynn
Mileva Maric Samantha Colley