Arrested Development

Shock and Aww

Series 1 - Episode 14 Shock and Aww



Michael falls for George Michael's ethics teacher, and Lucille ends up adopting a Korean child, while George Sr is paid a bizarre visit by an undercover agent posing as one of his many fans. Guest starring Heather Graham.

Cast & Crew

Beth Baerly Heather Graham
Michael Bluth Jason Bateman
Lindsay Funke Portia de Rossi
George Oscar `Gob' Bluth II Will Arnett
George Michael Bluth Michael Cera
Mae `Maeby' Funke Alia Shawkat
Buster Bluth Tony Hale
Tobias Funke David Cross
George Bluth Sr Jeffrey Tambor
Lucille Bluth Jessica Walter
Actor Ron Howard
Cindi Lightballoon Jane Lynch
Annyong Bluth Justin Lee
Director Joe Russo
Writer Chuck Martin
Writer Jim Vallely
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