One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 10 - Episode 1

Tuesday 1:05am - 2am Channel 4
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Ah! The mums and midwives of Liverpool Women’s Hospital are back, and still thoroughly good company – especially Angela, who muses wearily, “You’ll never find Mr Right on the maternity ward. I think I’ll meet someone in Asda.”

Of course there are plenty of Mr Rights to be found on the ward – the problem is they’re someone else’s. Derroll, 44, and his partner Maria, 40, are expecting their first child together. The pair met online, and it’s clear Derroll still can’t quite believe his luck.

Stephen, 22, turned out not to be the right man for Jodie, 19, but he’s determined to be there during the birth of their daughter – although he does take a call from his new girlfriend mid-labour.


Cameras follow the drama at Liverpool Women's Hospital, where Jodie, 19, found out that she was pregnant after she had a fling with Stephen, 22. He's determined to see his parental responsibilities through, including being at her bedside during a long labour. Also featured is 44-year-old Derroll, who met his wife Maria online. She's a mother of four and wants him to experience fatherhood for himself, but it's not without its challenges.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Simon Kerfoot
Series Producer Gaynor Davies