Stargate Universe


Series 1 - Episode 16 Sabotage



The crew members are unsettled when the Destiny crosses into another galaxy, leaving no hope of rescue. Rush compounds their misery when he calculates the ship will run out of power before reaching their next destination, and scientist Amanda Perry is brought on board to help via the communication stones. Sci-fi, starring Robert Carlyle and Kathleen Munroe.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle
Everett Young Justin Louis
Matthew Scott Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace David Blue
Tamara Johansen Alaina Huffman
Ronald Greer Jamil Walker Smith
Camile Wray Ming-Na
David Telford Lou Diamond Phillips
Amanda Perry Kathleen Munroe
Director Peter DeLuise
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