The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Heaven And Hell

Series 2 - Episode 1 Heaven And Hell



Morgan Freeman's already played at least one monotheistic deity on screen. Now, he lends his gravitas to this series about spiritual beliefs across the globe. From native American cave paintings to exorcism in Ethiopia, he explores the many forms religious practices take. But is there an underlying commonality? Morgan seems to think so. "The one thing I've learnt is that everybody's truth is THE truth," he says.

It's all pretty impartial and non-preachy (apart from one weird bit where America is implicitly compared to heaven), and if you enjoy the actor's edge-of-science series, Through the Wormhole, you'll likely get a kick out of it.


Heaven and Hell: Morgan Freeman explores how some beliefs connect us all. He begins by witnessing exorcisms in Ethiopia and meeting a woman who claims to have experienced heaven.