Broken Promise

Series 7 - Episode 3 Broken Promise



A young blogger jumps from the roof of his university having posted a final, angry online rant about debt. So, an open and shut case, then. He killed himself because he owed money.

But hang on, who’s that stomping on to campus? It’s detective Vera Stanhope and she’s convinced the young man didn’t fall, he was pushed after being beaten.

Further digging reveals the victim was a journalism student keen to make his mark with the local paper by unearthing a big story. It’s another solid tale that manages to get out into the fresh air with a few trips to that impressive, but chilly North East coast.


The detective is called to the University of Northumberland when Jamie Marshall, a promising young journalism student, falls to his death from the top of a disused faculty building. With no eyewitnesses and no immediate leads, Vera turns to friends and family to glean all she can about Jamie, and to discover who might have wanted him dead. The student's innocent facade is revealed to have concealed simmering resentment and anger which he expressed on the internet - and which may have made him some deadly enemies.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Aiden Healy Kenny Doughty
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
Dr Anthony Carmichael Christopher Colquhoun
DC Hicham Cherradi Noof McEwan
DC Mark Edwards Riley Jones
Alan Marston Stuart Graham
Ian Holland Michael Shaeffer
John Greenhill Philip Arditti
Steve Devonshire Steven Elder
Derek Stoddart Steven Hillman
Eva Motian Nathalie Armin
Lucy Curran Ayoola Smart
Shona Adams Michelle Tate
Rory Marston Chris Gordon
Jamie Marshall Fraser Wall
Jennifer Marston Hebe Beardsall
Baby Max Cole Howard
Consultant Paida Mutonono
Barman Tony Neilson
Lock forward Glenn Boateng
Director Lee Haven Jones
Executive Producer Phil Hunter
Producer Letitia Knight
Writer Robert Murphy
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