Antiques Roadshow

Caversham Park 1

Series 39 - Episode 15 Caversham Park 1



There’s some magnificent patronising tonight from valuer David Battie when a lady brings in two small Chinese decorative boxes she believes are cloisonné. Battie smiles benignly and asks, “What do you think you mean by the word cloisonné?” as if touching on mysteries she couldn’t possibly understand.

She gives a precise description of the brasswork involved. “You’ve been listening to me on the Roadshow!” he congratulates her. “No,” she says patiently, “My father told me.” Lady – one, Battie - nil.

Elsewhere, Fiona Bruce must decide whether an odd-shaped item from a local museum is an early Bentley ashtray, a golf trophy or a 1920s pilot’s chamber pot.


Fiona Bruce presents the show from Caversham Park, near Reading, home to the BBC's international news monitoring service. Items brought in to be valued include some notes written by a 17th-century Shakespeare fan, a ring connected to a moving story of the California Gold Rush, and watercolour illustrations depicting life in 18th-century India.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Bruce
Director Simon Brant
Executive Editor Simon Shaw
Producer Simon Brant
Producer Michele Burgess