Rich House, Poor House

Rich House, Poor House

Series 1 - Episode 1

Sun 27 Aug 10pm - 11pm 5STAR
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Sun 27 Aug, 11pm - 12am 5STAR +1


Channel 5’s once toxic obsession with low-income families has mellowed recently, as evidenced by a life-swap show that, in this edition at least, is free of snobbery.

Kayleigh, Antony and their six kids from Weston-super-Mare exchange their council terrace for the Clifton mansion, and vastly larger disposable income, of Claire, James and four children. Anyone hoping the richer clan will reveal a judgemental streak will be dismayed to see James so sensitive to the iniquities of poverty: he rages at an exorbitant pre-pay energy meter, and gets stuck into DIY he senses Antony hasn’t time for.

Meanwhile, the poorer couple share a touching moment when Antony realises the cash in his pocket can make a dream come true. Not much has been achieved when everyone goes back home, but nobody’s been sneered at, either.


Families from opposite ends of the wealth and class divide swap homes, budgets and social status for seven days to discover how the other half lives. This week, the Caddy family of Bristol trade places with the Williams family from Weston-super-Mare. The Caddys rank in the top 10 per cent of Britain's wealthy, and live in a seven-bedroom home, while for the eight-strong Williams family, who are among the nation's poorest 10 per cent, the swap means leaving their rented three-bedroom house and enjoying a weekly budget of £1,700 instead of their usual £110.

Cast & Crew

Director Simon Joslin
Director Marcus English
Director Adrian Hylton
Director Gareth Rowlands
Executive Producer Claire Collinson-Jones
Producer Simon Joslin
Producer Marcus English
Producer Adrian Hylton
Producer Gareth Rowlands
Series Director Danny Fildes
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