Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Series 1 - Episode 1 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood



A slightly flirty double act of Giles Coren and art historian Rose Balston oversee the clever wheeze of planting a specially commissioned fake painting in a gallery of masterpieces to see if the public can spot the imposter.

Opening with Manchester Art Gallery’s fine Pre-Raphaelite collection, it’s intriguing fun but the programme has perhaps missed a trick in not getting Balston – or any other art experts – to put their own reputations on the line and have a guess themselves. This leaves the untrained fake-spotters slightly shown up by observations like, “She looks like Lady Gaga” and “He’s buff though, isn’t he… Jesus?”


Giles Coren and Rose Balston host a competition challenging members of the public to pick out imitation artworks, with Manchester Art Gallery the first destination.
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