Big Little Lies

Living The Dream

Series 1 - Episode 3 Living The Dream



“You can’t make a perfect world; no matter what, s**t happens.” Power-mom Renata Klein (Laura Dern) might not be one of the most sympathetic characters in this Californian community – and she sort of knows it – but she encapsulates what the bigger story’s about. It’s power, basically, and the abuse of it. And violence; we’re reminded early on that there has been a murder (though we still don’t know the victim’s identity), and it wasn’t pretty.

And our Monterey families are cracking. Their surroundings might be glorious, and they might be able to hold great parties and support their local schools, but behind closed doors the tension is building. Even therapy sessions are fraught with anxiety. Desperate housewives, indeed. And utterly compelling television.


Madeline gets under Renata's skin in retaliation for snubbing Ziggy, Celeste and Perry see a counsellor, and Jane opens up about her past.
Drama Comedy