Series 9 - Episode 4



Loretta takes Jodie back to the UK for her advertisement shoot, but offers Rob her swanky Hotel Beltoro room in case he gets lucky. Billy and Sheron think some role play will spice things up in the romance department, but Eddie has his eye on the room too, hoping to entice Jacqueline. Rob ends up a little worse for wear, but a chance meeting with a university mate ensures he doesn't go astray. Elsewhere, Kenneth and Liam have a falling out, Lesley and Mateo are intent on finding out what scam Sam is up to.

Cast & Crew

Rob Josh Bolt
Joey Nathan Bryon
Tiger Danny Walters
Billy Steve Edge
Sheron Julie Graham
Jacqueline Janine Duvitski
Eddie Bobby Knutt
Liam Adam Gillen
Kenneth Tony Maudsley
Lesley Tim Healy
Sam Shelley Longworth
Mateo Jake Canuso
Receptionist Nicholas Boulton
Giles George Shelley
Director Robin Sheppard
Executive Producer Derren Litten
Executive Producer Paul Jackson
Producer Simon Bird
Writer Derren Litten
Writer Gaby Hull
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