Prime Suspect 1973

Prime Suspect 1973

Series 1 - Episode 4

Thursday 9pm - 10pm be3


Things look up a little when Free’s magnificent Wishing Well bursts on to the soundtrack, but it doesn’t last long before we are plunged back into this workaday cop show.

Probationary WPC Jane Tennison (Stefanie Martini) is leaned on by her colleagues to lie to internal investigators about what she witnessed during the raid last week. Her conscience nibbles at her a little bit, but it’s up to the dull DI to flatter Jane into doing what’s best for the team by gazing meaningfully into her calf-eyes.

Jane’s mum, who’s routinely thin-lipped with barely concealed disapproval at her daughter’s career choice, is disturbed that Jane might be “having relations” with her boss after he pays a late night call.


The mysterious Oz is brought into the station for questioning - but the suspect has been badly beaten, and hot-headed detective Gibbs is on the hook for the attack. The case takes an unexpected turn when another body is found in the canal, leaving Bradfield wondering whether they are looking at a double murder, while Tennison's integrity is tested when the DI asks her to make a decision that could have huge consequences for her career. Clifford Bentley and his sons start digging from the cafe to the bank, but they risk getting caught when David fails to notice the police outside.

Cast & Crew

Jane Tennison Stefanie Martini
DI Len Bradfield Sam Reid
Clifford Bentley Alun Armstrong
DS Spencer Gibbs Blake Harrison
Sergeant Harris Andrew Brooke
Mrs Brennan Joanna Brookes
DC Ashton Daniel Ezra
Kath Morgan Jessica Gunning
DC Edwards Joshua Hill
DS Paul Lawrence Jordan Long
DC Hudson Tommy McDonnell
Renee Bentley Ruth Sheen
John Bentley Lex Shrapnel
Andrew Tennison Nick Sidi
Joyce Tennison Geraldine Somerville
David Bentley Jay Taylor
Nancy Phillips Joanna Bacon
Professor Martin Ian Beattie
Eddie Phillips Jacob James Beswick
Sergeant Fred Turner Ian Burfield
Mary Collins Nancy Carroll
Pam Tennison Rosie Day
PC Patterson Jon Foster
Ashley Brennan Neil Hancock
Nathan Stone James Hillier
Danny Mitcham Nick Nevern
DS Willis Gerard Monaco
Hebe Charlotte Palmer
Terrence O'Duncie Aaron Pierre
Silas Manato Anthony Skordi
Flowers Jodie Tyack
Adapted By Glen Laker
Director David Caffrey
Executive Producer Camilla Campbell
Executive Producer Robert Wulff-Cochrane
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Lynda La Plante
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