The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Series 2 - Episode 2



Eva Birthistle is terrific in the role of Hild, the strong-minded warrior-nun who rides with our hero, Uhtred. She earns herself a coat of mail in grisly fashion and very much proves her loyalty to him when treachery is in the air.

Come to think of it, she’s one of the few religious characters who is drawn kindly here. On the whole, Christians are portrayed as a slippery bunch (as they are in Bernard Cornwell’s books), notably the Cumbrian newcomers Abbot Eadred (David Schofield) and his loyal henchmonk Brother Trew, who are scheming against Uhtred and pouring poison in the ear of their easygoing hippy of a king.

It makes for an episode that throbs with life and offers more in the way of cut and thrust, romance and gore. Plus, we welcome the return of wicked Uncle Eolfric, who is this week’s Bit Part Baddie. He usurped Uhtred from his rightful lands in Northumbria, something neither of them have forgotten.


Spies infiltrate the Cumbraland army, leaving Uhtred to rely on his troops to protect him from a perilous attack. While he rides out as the dead horseman once again, Kjartan's thirst for revenge grows ever stronger. Hild goes on a journey of self-discovery as she considers exchanging her life as a nun for that of a warrior, and Guthred's efforts to emulate Alfred's peace-making tactics backfires when his indecision and lack of ruthlessness weakens the Saxons' position. Meanwhile, when Uhtred's attraction for Gisela reaches new heights, his enemies close in and he suffers a grave betrayal.

Cast & Crew

Uhtred Alexander Dreymon
Alfred David Dawson
Beocca Ian Hart
Brida Emily Cox
Ragnar the Younger Tobias Santelmann
Aelfric Joseph Millson
Kjartan Alexandre Willaume
Sven Ole Chistoffer Ertvaag
Odda the Elder Simon Kunz
Aethelwold Harry McEntire
Aelswith Eliza Butterworth
Hild Eva Birthistle
Halig Gerard Kearns
Aethelwold Millie Brady
Sigefrid Bjorn Bengtsson
Brother Trew Peter McDonald
Gisela Peri Baumeister
Guthred Thure Lindhardt
Sihtric Arnas Fedaravicius
Steapa Adrian Bouchet
Erik Christian Hillborg
Haesten Jeppe Beck Laursen
Abbot Eadred David Schofield
Father Hrothweard Richard Rankin
Tekil Marc Rissmann
Fiske Erik Madsen
Earl Ulf Andre Eriksen
Clapa Magnus Samulsson
Blacksmith Mark Flitton
Message boy John McAllister
Joris Christopher Sciueref
Sverri Johannes Haukur Johannesson
Director Peter Hoar
Executive Producer Nigel Marchant
Executive Producer Gareth Neame
Executive Producer Stephen Butchard
Producer Dominic Barlow
Writer Stephen Butchard
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