The Red Nose African Convoy

The Red Nose African Convoy


It’s remarkable how a small thing can make such a big difference: a mosquito net can be life-saving while a bicycle for a health worker is life-changing. To whet your appetite for Red Nose Day, this doc follows six comedians as they drive from Kenya to Uganda delivering crucial supplies and visiting projects such as one helping people with HIV.

It’s a serious business designed to show you what your donations provide but with Hugh Dennis, Katy Brand and David Baddiel (among others) at the wheel, it’s a bit of a laugh, too. However, “terrifying” traffic and car breakdowns mean it’s not all smooth sailing.


Six celebrities set out on a 700km drive across East Africa to deliver crucial supplies that will help Comic Relief projects continue their life-saving health work. Working in pairs, David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, Reggie Yates, Michaela Coel, Katy Brand and Russell Kane put their driving skills to the test as they brave the infamous Northern Corridor, considered to be one of the world's most dangerous roads to lead a convoy delivering vital supplies across East Africa. Along the way they visit a maternity unit where supplies are scarce, find out about projects to help those with HIV, deliver bicycles to health workers and distribute 3,000 life-saving mosquito nets.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Baddiel
Presenter Hugh Dennis
Presenter Reggie Yates
Presenter Michaela Coel
Presenter Katy Brand
Presenter Russell Kane
Executive Producer Lucy Carter
Series Producer Simon Davies
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