Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Series 2 - Episode 8



Oh dear. Harry’s boss (Steven Mackintosh) and wafty villainess Isabella are an item now. She has started using her magic bracelet to take out drug dealers and solve murder cases around London. “If this goes on, we’re going to win clean-up rate of the year award without lifting a finger,” observes Suri.

For some reason, all this makes Harry angrier than ever, so he and Isabella go head to head in a kind of bracelet v bracelet showdown. It takes the episode to interesting places, including a plot pivot you might not see coming.


Isabella begins a relationship with a member of the team as she puts a new plan into action, while Harry crosses a line when London's most-wanted criminals are killed one at a time.

Cast & Crew

Harry Clayton James Nesbitt
Anna Clayton Eve Best
Isabella Thekla Reuten