The Trip to Spain: Etxebarri

The Trip to Spain: Etxebarri

Series 3



Change and decay are the running themes – as they often are in this quietly hilarious series. Once again, on one level it’s like an art-house movie where everything is a metaphor for something else, whether it’s a ruined hotel wall or a mussel. But mostly, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon rev their comic engines beautifully. At the restaurant table, Steve does exercises for his sore shoulder and Rob quips, “You look like a tentative Nazi.” They vie for scallops as James Bond and Scaramanga. They sing Abba as Jimmy Savile. It’s Michelin-starred, A-grade silliness.


Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon head to the historic Sos del Rey Catolico, and Rob sees how long Steve can go without mentioning his Oscar-nominated film, Philomena.
Drama Comedy