Midnight Sun

Series 1 - Episode 1



A man is woken by the noise of machinery. As the camera pans up we see he is tied to one of a helicopter’s three rotor blades, which begin to rotate. It doesn’t end well. So begins an eight-part Scandi-noir that combines the current twin fads of eerie remote location (mountainous Kiruna in Sweden) and bi-national policier (it’s a Swedish-French co-production).

The victim is identified as a French national, so Parisian homicide cop Kahina (Leila Bekhti) is sent to help the local investigation headed by jaded prosecutor Rutger (Peter Stormare) and his timid deputy, Anders (Gustaf Hammarsten).

Despite the baroque prelude and a later, equally outré dispatching, it’s to the drama’s credit that the co-operators’ private lives are every bit as intriguing. Cinematically filmed, it’s simultaneously otherworldly and somehow very human.


New series. The brutal murder of a French citizen sees a French homicide investigator, Kahina Zadi, go to Kiruna in Sweden to investigate the horrific crime. Starring Leila Bekhti.
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