Homes by the Med

Homes by the Med

Series 2 - Episode 1

Today 11am - 12pm 4seven


In this über-aspirational series, jammy old Charlie Luxton gets to nose around houses in what must be the ideal environment for human habitation. In Ibiza, the architectural designer struts out onto balconies of ever-increasing stunningness, blown along by music that's trying a bit too hard to be anthemic.

At first it feels like an advert, but the marriage of luxury interiors and azure landscapes is constantly mesmerising. In the unlikely event that you tire of the lovely views, you could always play The Ibiza Game... guessing which way Charlie will pronounce it next.


Charlie Luxton visits an Ibiza mansion built of bamboo and concrete, an Ibizan farmhouse, a local answer to Stonehenge and a yoga retreat in a refurbished villa.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Charlie Luxton
Director Clemency Green
Director Rick Goodwin
Producer Rick Goodwin
Series Producer Christian Hills