Brexit and Exit

Series 1 - Episode 3 Brexit and Exit



It’s the last in the series and the day of the Queen’s Speech is the busiest of the year for the staff at the Houses of Parliament. It’s also the buzziest, apparently, with all the peers getting dressed up in their ceremonial finery – apart from Labour peer Lord Foulkes, who considers it an annoying interruption to business – and Black Rod (or the Darkness, as he’s known to some) checking the tiniest of details.

But the Palace is showing its age, especially the Victorian sewage system, which is struggling to cope with the increased volume of… er, waste generated by MPs and Lords. More seriously, the peers are voting on Article 50 – and they’ve got a lot to say about it.


Peers turn out in huge numbers to have their say on the most important issue in decades and decide whether to rebel on Brexit or not, while there are ermine gowns to put on and ancient traditions to follow for the day of the Queen's speech - the biggest ceremonial event of the year. Plans to overhaul Parliament's Victorian sewage system could mean a move for the five or so years the work will take, and Baroness D'Souza has new research about peers who claim expenses without contributing to the House.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Gillian Bevan
Director James Giles
Executive Producer Darren Kemp
Producer James Giles
Series Producer Emma Whitlock