Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Series 2 - Episode 3



There's more of that laughably bad flirting between troubled cop Harry and breezy Isabella (“Oh you are very… bad… news” he drawls, as they skip through the fountains at Somerset House).

But luckily, to put some volts through the plot, über-baddie Golding reappears. You may remember him from series one as the marvellously implausible prison governor (he looks like a long-haired fashion model) who turned out to be a slightly more plausible criminal mastermind.

Now he’s back and up to something that involves human meat in London’s pies, Sweeney Todd-style. The plot builds to a properly tense climax, but I was distracted by Harry blithely parking his car a few yards from Piccadilly Circus. That’s not luck, that’s sorcery.


Putting his life on the line again, Harry is caught up in a dangerous investigation into a murderous Smithfield market butcher, who has not only been passing off human flesh as pork but could also have startling links to Golding. Still desperate for his revenge, Golding closes in on Harry and the bracelet as CCTV cameras capture him kidnapping Eve.

Cast & Crew

Harry Clayton James Nesbitt
Anna Clayton Eve Best
Rich Clayton Stephen Hagan
Isabella Thekla Reuten
DI Steve Orwell Darren Boyd
Eve Sienna Guillory
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