Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics

Using Sound

Series 1 - Episode 2 Using Sound



As I'd hoped, this second episode sees Dr Helen Czerski balancing the (some might say) dry physics of how sounds are produced with more... squidgy biological issues. So, we learn how hearing helps us to get our bearings by translating sonic vibrations into signals our brains can interpret. To demonstrate, Helen goes all bat-like in a Scottish cave, effectively seeing with her ears using echolocation.

She also explores sound as a scientific tool; used to decode and manipulate our environment — from imaging babies in the womb to acoustic solutions for probing the edges of the solar system. But perhaps the biggest ear-opener here comes from an eerie trip inside the world's quietest room.


Part two of two. Helen Czerski explores the extraordinary messages carried by sound waves, and how they can help humans gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Helen Czerski
Director Suzy Boyles
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Producer Suzy Boyles