Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr

Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr

Series 1 - Episode 1



There is, according to Michel Roux Jr, a new wave of restaurants opening up in obscure and unlikely locations rather than on the high street. If you didn’t know that, it’s probably because they’re so hard to find. Inspired by this – and the dishes they create – the Michelin-starred chef has set up a simple restaurant tucked away in a Kentish oast house (just for last summer, so don’t try to book a table).

Before he devises his own menu, he visits several established hidden restaurants. There’s one built on flatbed barges floating in the middle of the River Exe, while the Radic Pavilion – serving fire-cooked feasts – looks like an alien spaceship has landed in Somerset. Several appear, shall we say, ramshackle: there’s a popular upmarket café housed in the old shower blocks of a north Wales caravan site, while two brothers are passionately promoting goat meat to the customers who eat at their rustic shed in the woods.

“If you build it, they will come,” the saying goes. But they’ll have to find it first.


Michel is joined by fellow chef Freddy Bird to tour Britain in search of secret eateries and food mavericks, as he seeks inspiration for a three-course menu for his own restaurant The Oast House. In the first episode, Michel heads to the south west of England and discovers visual feasts inside a sculpture, and visits a floating cafe only reachable by boat.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michel Roux Jr
Director Ben Warwick
Executive Producer Sam Grace
Series Producer Stephen Leigh