Series 1 - Episode 3



There’s a key scene tonight in a hotel brothel where a surprising plot development – nothing to do with the brothel, that’s just a front – makes us sit up and pay attention. Which is noteworthy because most of the scenes in this period drama (“thriller” might be overstating it) tend to waft by. Our hero, Archer, peers out from under his hat brim and rasps out lines in his now-famous “hoarse whisperer” delivery; someone lights a cigarette – or puts one out; everyone gives each other veiled warnings or questions their loyalty; and then we move on to the next one.

But now at last, we’re getting to the bottom of what the turf war between the German army and the SS (bitter enemies, it seems) is all about.


Archer tracks down Spode, who confesses to murdering his brother before taking his own life, leaving Huth furious. As the resistance and the German form an alliance to free the King from imprisonment, Archer's priority is recovering the atomic bomb documents. A roll of film found on Spode's person appears to contain the missing calculations, but further investigations prove dangerous when Archer comes under attack from the rebels, narrowly surviving an attack on the Underground and a bombing at Highgate cemetery.

Cast & Crew

Douglas Archer Sam Riley
Barbara Barga Kate Bosworth
Fritz Kellermann Rainer Bock
Sylvia Manning Maeve Dermody
Mrs Sheenan Christina Cole
Dr Oskar Huth Lars Eidinger
George Mayhew Jason Flemyng
Hans Hesse Ronald Zehrfeld
Harry Woods James Cosmo
Spode James Northcote
Gen von Ruff August Zirner
Arthur Ryan Coath
Drunk captain Carsten Hayes
Major Thomas Morris
Adapted By Robert Wade
Adapted By Neal Purvis
Director Philipp Kadelbach
Producer Patrick Schweitzer
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