Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Series 1 - Episode 1



The world is under attack from aliens, so cometh the hour cometh the large-collared comic Harry Hill who must give our green friends a capsule of all the best human civilisation has to offer to prove we’re worth saving. It is, he admits, a premise thinner than Kim Kardashian’s nightie, but it’s a winning one all the same. Not just because he is his usual relentless, sarcastic, silly and hare-brained self, but also because of the clever choice of guests who are relative strangers to panel shows but still have have a brilliant and extensive back catalogue ripe for mocking.

Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett, Ainsley Harriott and Lorraine Kelly are up first, with the delicious prospect of Des O’Connor and Judith Chalmers to come.


Madcap panel show presented by the comedian, who presides over two teams nominally tasked with saving the planet from any potential alien invasion. The first episode features panellists Kelvin Fletcher, Sara Pascoe, Patrick Robinson and Josh Widdicombe, who must find clips, people and anything that is fun or funny enough for Harry to place in the capsule which, in the event that the planet is invaded by aliens, can be presented to them to demonstrate earthlings are good fun and therefore worthy of saving.

Cast & Crew

Host Harry Hill
Executive Producer Murray Bolan
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Harry Hill
Series Producer Alan Thorpe