Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild: Spring

Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild: Spring

Series 2



Narrator Sean Bean growls: “the Yorkshire Dales and Moors have been forged over thousands of years. ”Forged”? Ah well, even if the voiceover is unnecessarily florid, the pictures are pretty.

Cameras roam both the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks throughout spring, casting beady eyes on Wensleydale's red squirrel population before shifting focus to the coast and the impressive seabird population that roosts on Bempton cliffs. We watch as a gannet returns to its nest to “raise a family” (rather than “breed”), which implies outings to bowling alleys and school runs.

Back on dry land there's some rather lovely footage of dive-bombing peregrine falcons. And Northerners - prepare to relive all of those school trips to Malham Tarn.


Cameras follow each season in the lives of wildlife in the Yorkshire Dales and on the North York Moors National Parks, beginning with spring. Life is starting to return to the region at a time when the local animals must find food, as well as a mate and raise a family.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Dick Colthurst
Series Producer Duncan Chard