Dave's Guide to Spending Money

Dave's Guide to Spending Money


Burnley businessman Dave Fishwick – best known for setting up his own bank – reckons we all pay over the odds for things, and wants to sort us out. Dave’s trademark approach is to be a sort of benign terrier, worrying away at an issue until it comes apart in his teeth. His common sense is affronted by the fact people are happy to pay on average 340 times more for bottled water than tap water – “council pop”.

To prove his point he comes up with his own branded Water of the North, which is Burnley tapwater with some cool packaging, and sets out to sell it. Then he moves on to collecting free energy, hoping his home-made power station can power Burnley’s Christmas lights.


Dave Fishwick explores whether products are worth the price the public is willing to pay for them. He creates his own range of bottled water, drawn from the tap, and tries to sell it to fashionable restaurants. He also sets up his own renewable power station in his back garden with the goal of generating enough electricity to run Burnley's Christmas lights for free.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dave Fishwick
Director Paul O'Connor
Executive Producer Stef Wagstaffe