Rich Hall's Countrier Than You

Rich Hall's Countrier Than You


In this film shown earlier this year, the wry US comedian explores the roots of country music in Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas. His stance on the genre – of which he’s a fan – is acerbic and sometimes scathing.


The American comedian, writer and musician explores the early origins of country music in Nashville and Austin. He visits the rustic studios where this much-loved sound was born and discovers how this genre of music has reinvented itself with influences from bluegrass, western swing and Americana. Rich examines how the music industries differ between these two cities and how they generated their own distinct twist on the genre - such as cosmic country, redneck country and the outlaw artists of the 1970s.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rich Hall
Director Chris Cottam
Executive Producer Anthony Caveney
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Executive Producer Emma Cahusac
Producer John McCormack
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