The Big Bang Theory

The Locomotion Reverberation

Series 10 - Episode 15 The Locomotion Reverberation



“This doesn’t happen very often, but here comes a hug.” The most surprising thing about that line (and hug) is that it comes from touch-phobic Sheldon. The cause of such a spontaneous outburst? Leonard giving him a ticket to “the ultimate train experience”. It’s not an entirely altruistic gesture from Leonard, however, and fans will enjoy Sheldon having the last laugh.

Raj and Stuart, meanwhile, divide the child-minding duties when Penny and Amy take baby-blues Bernadette for a girls’ night out. “I may have just left my infant with Patrick and SpogeBob,” frets the new mother. As they drive off there’s a rather piquant female reflection on recapturing youth, but in a breezy sitcom of this brevity it’s not given quite the oxygen it deserves.


Leonard and Howard send Sheldon on a train journey to keep him away from their Air Force project - but the plan backfires. Bernadette has her first night out since having the baby.

Cast & Crew

Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki
Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons
Penny Kaley Cuoco
Howard Wolowitz Simon Helberg
Raj Koothrappali Kunal Nayyar
Amy Farrah Fowler Mayim Bialik
Bernadette Rostenkowski Melissa Rauch
Col Richard Williams Dean Norris
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