Celebrity Carry on Barging

Celebrity Carry on Barging

Series 1 - Episode 2



The four celebs pootle on, from Bradford on Avon to Devizes. The casting masterstroke here is in forming two couples, each with a barge: while Nigel Havers and Debbie McGee have a lovely, relaxed break, a sitcom war rages between Simon Callow and Lorraine Chase.

He wants to brood on the history of the canal, fix some Moroccan food (“I’m going to go down to the prow, and husk my chickpeas”) and steer the craft in tranquil silence, none of which he can do satisfactorily with Lorraine gassing nineteen to the dozen.

Callow’s mute reproach as she insists on enjoying herself is increasingly hilarious, but she can’t stop him drinking in the majesty of the Caen Hill Flight, with its 29 consecutive locks: “It’s like a ziggurat!”


On the second leg of the jaunt along the Kennet & Avon canal, Simon Callow lets his love of history steer the way to a forgotten waterway. He and fellow group members Nigel Havers, Debbie McGee and Lorraine Chase's sightseeing antics get the better of them when they find themselves late to their mooring, forcing them to wait until sunrise for the final furlong. The Caen Hill flight awaits with its 29 locks, and it remains to be seen whether the narrow boat enthusiasts can successfully work together to negotiate this colossus of the canals.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Nigel Havers
Contributor Debbie McGee
Contributor Lorraine Chase
Contributor Simon Callow
Director Chris Harries
Executive Producer Nicky Taylor
Series Producer Jason Giberti
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