The Lake District: A Wild Year

The Lake District: A Wild Year


There’s Slow TV and now Fast TV, as life in the Lake District is speeded up and condensed with time-lapse photography.

This can be effective and even funny, as when we’re shown the hundreds of amateur swimmers belting into Windermere, but it would be pleasant to linger over the skill of a drystone wall-builder.

If you ignore the gimmicky aspects, this is a dreamy trot through a year in the life of one of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of Britain. Incredibly, 17 million tourists amble through the Lake District annually, visiting Beatrix Potter’s house, yomping around the fells and taking pleasure-boat rides.

We see all of these things while also being given glimpses of the mass rounding-up and shearing of sheep. Though just as you think everything in A Wild Year is simply too lyrically beautiful, the stormiest-ever winter savagely intrudes.


For the wildlife and people who live amid the stunning scenery of the Lake District, life is one of continuous change. This documentary features cutting-edge camera techniques offering a new and unique perspective on a turbulent year in the life of England's largest national park. Time-lapse photography shows months and weeks passing in seconds - snow and ice giving way to sunshine or the frequent rain showers - while the animals, plants and people find extraordinary ways to cope with the challenges of this ancient landscape. Narrated by Bernard Cribbins.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Bernard Cribbins
Director Simon Blakeney
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Simon Blakeney