Room 101

Series 6



It’s always a good moment on Room 101 when, as someone’s peeve goes on display, the audience erupts in applause, even before the advocate says anything. Romesh Ranganathan manages it not once but twice in tonight’s show. His nominations? New Year’s Eve – which everybody above a certain age comes to dread – and, more controversially,

Ranganathan is excellent value – he could fill the show single-handed – but it’s his cross-talk with baffled fellow guest Judge Rinder that really takes off: they’re such an odd couple, so at cross-purposes, that it works.

Meanwhile, Frank Skinner tells us about’s cousin in West Yorkshire named And Rinder bemoans his school friends – “Idiots, all of them!”


Frank Skinner invites comedians Lucy Porter and Romesh Ranganathan and Judge Robert Rinder to express their anger over people, events and objects that upset them, as the trio vie to banish their top peeves, annoyances, irritation or worst nightmares consigned to oblivion. Their gripes include lavish proposals, school reunions and New Year's Eve.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Lucy Porter
Guest Romesh Ranganathan
Guest Robert Rinder
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Series Producer Jordan Read
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