The Last Assembly

Series 3 - Episode 7 The Last Assembly



Andy is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, which places doubt on the future of his and Errol's relationship. The very last episode of the comedy, starring Nick Helm and Elliot Spencer-Gillott.

Cast & Crew

Andy Nick Helm
Errol Elliot Speller-Gillott
Sam Daisy Haggard
Marsh Dylan Moran
Roopesh Nick Mohammed
Bruce Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Ben Nicholas Burns
Veronica Gemma Whelan
Rich Joe Da Costa
Gareth Josef Davies
Ezra Gus Fernald
Casper Brett Goldstein
Tiffany Jorja Rutherford
Melodie Esther Smith
Alfie Sam Hadlow
Tom Rick Warden
Ian Liam Barnard
Val Con O'Neill
Imogen Mae Martin
Gwen Sydney Rae White
Director Oliver Refson
Executive Producer Alison MacPhail
Executive Producer Henry Normal
Producer Faiza Hosenie
Writer Oliver Refson
Writer Lilah Vandenburgh
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