The Team

Series 1 - Episode 1



That mainstay of Scandi drama Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Borgen et al) heads the cast as Danish detective Harald Bjorn in this briskly efficient Euro crime thriller. After three prostitutes are murdered in an identical manner on consecutive days in Copenhagen, Berlin and Antwerp, Bjorn is partnered with fiery Belgian investigator Alicia Verbeek (Veerle Baetens, whom you may recognise from Cordon) and German superintendent Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat), with whom Harald seems to have some kind of history.

As the team picks over the separate crime scenes trying to find a connection between the dead women, it appears there’s something corrupt at the heart of the Belgian investigation. And who is the mysterious bearded man we see meeting each of the murdered women?

The compelling Mikkelsen as the compassionate Bjorn lifts what is a decent policier with a few sly twists.


New series. A number of elite investigators from Belgium, Denmark and Germany joins forces to probe the separate murders of three prostitutes. However the killings are far from random, and the detectives soon discover that a sophisticated criminal network is behind them. Crime thriller, starring Lars Mikkelsen, Jasmin Gerat and Veerle Baetens. In English, German, Flemish, French and Danish.

Cast & Crew

Harald Bjorn Lars Mikkelsen
Jackie Mueller Jasmin Gerat
Alicia Verbeek Veerle Baetens
Marius Loukauskis Nicholas Ofczarek
Jean-Louis Poquelin Carlos Leal
Kit Ekdal Ida Engvoll
Frank Aers Koen De Bouw
Natascha Stark Miriam Stein
Stephane Pernel Hilde Van Mieghem
Liv Eriksen Alexandra Rapaport
Elias Mueller Andreas Pietschmann
Rainer Stark Andre Hennicke
Finn Moesgaard Ole Boisen
Dahlia Loukauskis Nadeshda Brennicke
Else Hojby Lisbeth Wulff
Sugarsweet Kristina Korsholm
Gunther Storm Georg Veitl
Theo Janke Milton Welsh
Billy Tom Nielsen Rudi Kohnke
Maria Gabler Natalia Rudziewicz
Gabriella Vinci Simonetta Solder
Gavin Jones Philip Brodie
Mikey Jones Leo Gregory
William MacLean Hugh Ross
Director Kathrine Windfeld
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